posted by Toms on 14 December 2014
Forget about the floppy limitation, ACME has a gift for you! First presented at the ReSeT party last month, the X-MASS board is now available for pre-order. This fast mass-storage expansion embeds a 128MB turbo flash drive allowing to store thousands files into your CPC and definitively making it autonomous as no PC is required for the configuration (ACMEDOS ROM will be provided with the board).

Are you a developer who wants to work on ambitious projects? Really? So you have to get it right now at! A X-MASS related topic has also been opened at CPC-Wiki where all the latest information will be added.
ReSeT #18 voting session
posted by Toms on 18 November 2014
As there was no time left anymore at the party place to vote for the competitions, we brought to you an online form to choose your favorite entries (it's open to every Push'n'Pop registered users)! Download all of them and submit your vote before the 22nd of November!

Edit: The compos results are now available! Thanks to the 19 people who have voted and congratulation to the winner!
ReSeT #18 voting session
ReSeT #18 - The Minority report
posted by UrbanJoe on 12 November 2014
Pour sa quatrième édition, la ReSeT a vu petit : promotion minimaliste, projecteur en panne, cakes au beurre rationnés, toilettes bouchées... À tel point qu'elle est presque passée inaperçue. D'ailleurs, que faisiez-vous du 14 au 16 novembre ? Si vous souhaitez malgré tout en savoir plus, le report c'est par ici...ReSeT #18 - The Minority report
µAlchimie III
posted by Hicks on 27 October 2014
A small group of 3 CPC users (Hermol, Macdeath and Overflow) was present at μAlchimie III organized by Triple A at Clérieux (France, near Valence, south of Lyon) from the 25th to the 26th of October. No releases but they planned to meet every year at this event and they hope the CPC users group will grow, so do not hesitate to join them next year! You can read feedbacks on the party and watch some pictures in this CPC Rulez thread.µAlchimie III
Chipsters EP
posted by Toms on 24 October 2014
Bleepstreet Records just released the first Ultrasyd's EP called Chipsters. Entirely composed on an Atari ST, the 6 tracks are full of crazy funky sounds which show what an YM2149 soundchip can do. Pump up the volume and go listen to this excellent music!Chipsters EP
AY music contest
posted by Toms on 12 September 2014
AAMSX and culturachip organize a music contest opened to every platform equiped with an AY chip. If you wish to participate and stand for our beloved CPC, the rules are available here. You can submit your entry until the 12th of November. The final results will be announced in December during the MSX User Meeting in Barcelona followed by a musicdisk and an audio CD including the contest songs. Time to switch on your favorite tracker!AY music contest
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