posted by Toms on 16 April 2014
TotO/ ACME strikes again! X-MEM is a new memory expansion for our CPC embedding up to 512K RAM, 512K of flash ROM and allowing to replace the lower ROM to use different firmwares and BASIC. Of course, it's MotherX4 formatted in order to be plugged on it. You can get more details and pre-order it on its dedicated page at However, be patient to get yours because TotO builds the boards as he receives the pre-orders. But it is worth waiting as it is super quality job!X-MEM
2014/2015 CPC Projects
posted by Hicks on 11 April 2014
From forums to meetings, from personal messages to rumors, we all know that a lot of projects are currently on the way. During an April morning, we decided to gather all this information into a unique page to show all the 2014/2015 planned projects. Some demos and games (big ones!) are still missing because their authors want to keep them secret (we give them the Little Dick Award!). Add the projects we ignore the existence, then maybe around 40/50 projects are in progress! And it's interesting to note that they are equally distributed in the 3 categories: demos, games and useful things for CPC. Read more!2014/2015 CPC Projects
Revision 2014
posted by Toms on 31 March 2014
The largest demoparty is back! Revision 2014 will take place as usual in Saarbr├╝cken/ Germany during the Easter week-end (18-21 April). After few years it became a major event on the CPC scene, as a proof more than 15 CPC addicts already registered! Add to this many oldschool competitions in which the CPC can enter (demo, 4k intro, game, graphics and music), some chiptune concerts, some oldschool related seminars and a perfect atmosphere... You should really consider to come too. Go register!Revision 2014
Champ, a new assembler on CPC!
posted by Hicks on 26 March 2014
A recent survey proved that there were still 4 CPC coders using their CPC to code. This news is dedicated to them. Maybe you missed it, but a new native assembler has been released some weeks ago: CHAMP! Thanks to Bruce Abbott, the source has been ported from Spectrum to CPC, and enhanced a lot. The actual version is 3.03, but you can get an updated version in this CPC Wiki's related thread. The main assets of this assembler/debugger are the fast assembling task and the extra-memory management. You can speak of it here...Champ, a new assembler on CPC!
FOReVER 2014 report
posted by Toms on 21 March 2014
Last week-end took place in Slovakia one of the largest 8-bit parties, the famous FOReVER! Bonefish/Cyberlabs and Pulkomandy/Shinra were there and both wrote a report of this crazy event! Read them here!FOReVER 2014 report
Push'n'Pop 2013 Charts results
posted by Toms on 01 February 2014
No suspense anymore! Here are the Push'n'Pop 2013 charts! Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all the voters!Push'n'Pop 2013 Charts results
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