AY music contest
posted by Toms on 12 September 2014
AAMSX and culturachip organize a music contest opened to every platform equiped with an AY chip. If you wish to participate and stand for our beloved CPC, the rules are available here. You can submit your entry until the 12th of November. The final results will be announced in December during the MSX User Meeting in Barcelona followed by a musicdisk and an audio CD including the contest songs. Time to switch on your favorite tracker!AY music contest
ReSeT #18
posted by Toms on 30 August 2014
The 4th edition of the famous ReSeT party has been officially announced: it will take place from the 14th to the 16th of November, as usual in Coutances/ France. As every year, the traditional competitions will be organized (remote entries are allowed), the latest hardware stuff will be showed (available for ordering), the main active sceners will be present and - new this year - a french croissant will be offered to every foreign visitor! With such a program, you should really consider to visit the only Amstrad CPC party of the year!

Yes, I want to register right now!
ReSeT #18
CPC-POWER needs your help!
posted by Hicks on 06 August 2014
CPC-POWER, the Amstrad CPC biggest material database (games, demos, tools, discmags, magazines, etc.) is still growing. However Kukulcan and Megachur, the project main leaders, need your help! Indeed, as a real collective work, you can contribute by dumping your material or just giving your workforce (but without alienation, because the work of everyone returns to everyone, and the marxists are happy). So, Push'n'Pop will relay systematically CPC-POWER needs in this thread. Check and help!CPC-POWER needs your help!
posted by Toms on 07 July 2014
One year after its official presentation at ReSeT party, the CTC-AY freshly called PlayCity is about to be released in August! As for TotO's last boards, it will be MotherX4 formated and available at PlayCity will offer a lot of new features to your CPC such as 6 audio channels with programmable frequency (stereo line out and speaker mono mix in), 4 counter/timer channels for programmable interrupt (including NMI), IM2 vectorized interrupt support, raster lines interrupt support, CRTC hardware CURSOR, etc. Very promising! Stay tuned by reading this topic on CPC Wiki!PlayCity
Hugi #38 - Gravity Shot
posted by Toms on 10 June 2014
The Hugi team released the 38th issue of their famous diskmag! Alongside many other interesting articles, you will discover 2 CPC related ones: "Making of Still Rising" written by Vanity and "CPC in the years 2012 and 2013" written by Optimus. Don't miss this instructive reading, get Hugi #38 right now!Hugi #38 - Gravity Shot
MegaFlash NG
posted by Toms on 21 May 2014
Hardware madness! Few weeks after TotO's X-MEM release, Kangaroo and Nilquader of SPRING! shaped a low-cost version of the Bryce's MegaFlash (which is not available anymore). This updated flash memory ROM box is provided as a DIY-kit including the cable to plug it to your CPC, eine schöne case with a vinyl sticker and two switches (pause and reset). Get more details about the MegaFlash NG by going here or ask your questions in this dedicated thread!

Edit: now you can manage your MegaFlash NG with ROMAN 2.0 freshly released by PNG and SPRING! (it also works with Pulkomandy's FlashGordon)...
MegaFlash NG
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